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Decorating My New house! July 22, 2009

Filed under: Decorating,New House — Lauren H. @ 11:42 am

I was so excited to decorate my new house when I moved it. But now it seems like the hardest challenge to feat. I like so many different styles, that it’s hard to chose! My husband says “one style and one style only, Lauren!” Great…which style do I chose?!

I read somewhere that the best place to start is to walk through each room and make a list of how you vision that room. The list should include colors, light fixtures, what’s hanging on the wall, where things are placed, etc. After you’ve done this in each room, prioritize which things are the most important. Do some research and price each item on the list to see what you’re going to have to spend.

I think that sounds like a great idea. That will be my task this weekend! How did you decorate your living space? Any advice?


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